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TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 Test & Experiences – An excellent navigation device for beginners?

tahuna teasi one 4 review

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TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 review – Everything you need to know and my experience with the successor of the TEASI ONE3! Navigation systems of the TEASI brand are particularly popular with beginners. This also applies to the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4:* The strengths are clearly in the navigation – training analyses are omitted but that’s okay. Touring cyclists primarily need reliable navigation and ease of use.

Tahuna Teasi One4 Display GPS Bike Navi
Tahuna Teasi One4 Display GPS Bike Navi

Until the GPS bicycle navigator TEASI ONE3 the navis were published under the brand TEASI. Then in 2018, a name change took place and the new generation goes by the name TAHUNA TEASI ONE4.

What features and innovations are there besides the name, this TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 review will tell you.

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* Werbung - Aktualisierung am 2024-06-24, Preis kann gestiegen sein, Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Verkäufen, Bild:Amazon


All TAHUNA TEASI Navis run with the same software. So what are the big features of the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4? TAHUNA has improved the hardware of the fourth generation of the GPS bicycle navigation system.

✅New processor type with more clock frequency (800 instead of 664 MHz).
Doubled working memory (256 instead of 128 MB)
New Touchscreen Display

TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 bei Amazon kaufen*

So on the inside, there are strong improvements. The new features are especially noticeable in the map view: Zooming and panning the map is now faster than in the predecessors. Unfortunately, the animations are still not really smooth. The hardware improvements also make the startup process and calculating the route much faster than the previous TEASI generations ONE3 and ONE2.

TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 Unboxing & Scope of delivery

The following is supplied in the pack:

  • TAHUNA Teasi ONE4 bike navigator
  • universal cradle
  • Cable tie wheel holder
  • Mini USB cable
  • Spare screws
  • Quick start guide in German language

There is also a bundle with a HR chest strap (The set is called TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 HR Bundle).

Presumably the TEASI target audience wants a cheap device and is more likely to be without fitness sensors on the bike. Therefore, for most, the variant without chest strap is the more suitable choice.

Tahuna Teasi One4 Rear Bike Navigation
Tahuna Teasi One4 Rear Bike Navigation

A TEASI ONE4 experience to begin with: Immediately noticeable is the wobbly cable tie bike mount. TAHUNA should have better included a more stable holder. After all, the cable ties can be used quite easily multiple times and so the mount can also be removed again without destroying the cable ties. The bike navigator is securely fixed in the holder with a screw and holds there very securely.

Hardware and memory of the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4

Compared to the previous TEASI generations – ONE3 and ONE2 – the housing design and appearance is almost unchanged. Only the TEASI logo under the display has been replaced by the TAHUNA logo.

As for the hardware, it can be said:

  • There are two small buttons on the right side of the housing.
  • There is a small speaker on the back.
  • A thread: The GPS bike navi can thus be screwed to the bike mount
  • On the bottom of the case is the MicroSD slot – this is protected by a cover. Next to it is an outdated Mini-B (Mini USB) USB port.

For a future TAHUNA ONE bike nav device, a modern USB port in particular would be desirable. Other navigation devices have already completely switched to the widespread micro USB connection. USB Type-C would be really good. Also, the side buttons would like to be more grippy and larger in the future.

What does the faster processor and doubled memory mean in practice?

If the GPS bike navigator is switched on, then you must wait about 20 seconds until you can navigate. When scrolling on the map, the view jerks a little and often the Navi must pause to reload.

Positive TEASI ONE4 experience: Loading a planned route via GPX file and calculating a route works very quickly. If you deviate from the route during navigation, the route is recalculated. Apparently the predecessors had problems here and crashed when recalculating. Recalculation on the TAHUA TEASI ONE4 is now working and stable.

The Tahuna Teasi One4 GPS navigation device
The Tahuna Teasi One4 GPS navigation device

The GPS bike navigator is equipped with 8 GB of internal memory. Of this, approximately 6.7 GB is free at the beginning. If required, the memory can also be upgraded with microSD cards up to 64 GB. So for additional cards there is plenty of memory.

Bluetooth 4.0 is available for connection with external sensors. Unfortunately, a connection to the TAHUNA smartphone app cannot be established with it. This means that GPX files cannot be sent from the smartphone to the navigation device.

Assembly and initial setup

The TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 bike sat nav can be quickly attached to the bike with the holder: The universal holder can be attached to the handlebar or on the stem. The holder is then attached to the bike with two cable ties. A positive feature is the reusability of the cable ties. Nevertheless, the attachment looks quite rickety. Since the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 is held with a hand screw, the Radnavi has also held securely on the handlebars in challenging terrain.

Tahuna Teasi One4 test on the bicycle handlebar in the bicycle navi test
Tahuna Teasi One4 test on the bicycle handlebar in the bicycle navi test

If the bike navigator is switched on then it is also quickly ready to go, because:

  • After a good 20 seconds the bike navigator is ready to go
  • Ex works already preinstalled maps for all of Europe i.e. 49 countries

Learn more about navigation in the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 test in the section “Navigation with TAHUNA TEASI ONE4”.

Display – TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 Test

The readability of the bike navi varies between very good to poor. This depends entirely on the lighting conditions: In dark surroundings (e.g. in the shade or after sunset), the display is very easy to read. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see anything on the display in direct sunlight – even at maximum brightness.

Fortunately, the TEASI ONE4 experience can be improved: A matte screen protector should therefore be ordered in any case. Otherwise, the display is highly reflective. Plastic displays are naturally susceptible to scratches and therefore the use of the film makes sense anyway. The touchscreen is the same size as that of the predecessor – therefore slides of the TEASI ONE3 can also be attached.

The touch detection is good: The resistive screen recognizes inputs reliably most of the time. Of course, you have to press a bit harder on the display than with a capacitive smartphone touchscreen. Despite mixed results with the touchscreen was with me on all my tours with the Radnavi always meaningful and safe bike navigation possible.

Battery life of the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4

A battery with 2650 mAh capacity is installed in the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 bike navigator. The manufacturer claims up to 12 hours of battery life. That would be a practical value.

In practice, you get a battery life of 7 to 9 hours. To achieve the longest possible runtime, the display illumination should be reduced. As is often the case, the backlit touchscreen has the biggest impact on battery life.

The GPS bike navigation system is therefore not a long-distance runner. Most will still easily manage a day trip with the battery life. For everyone else, I recommend carrying a powerbank.

Sensors and connections on the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4

The bike navi supports cadence and speed sensors, as well as heart rate monitor. The sensors can only be connected via Bluetooth, which is perfectly fine. The intended target group will probably rarely connect sensors with the bike navi. If you have more TEASI ONE4 experience and want to connect sensors, you surely have newer generation sensors and can easily pair them via Bluetooth standard.

TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 Operation and settings

The good news: the menus of the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 are consistently logical and comprehensibly structured. Thus, even as a navi beginner, you will immediately get along and find the destination. The bike navigator is also in the so-called “Easy Mode” from the factory, which makes the operation even easier. In the settings, all functions can also be quickly unlocked. So I liked the operation very much in the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 test.

The bike navigator offers six different profiles in the settings for:

  • Touring bike
  • Mountain bike
  • Road bike
  • Pedestrians and hikers
  • Ski
  • Boat

Different settings can be saved for each profile. In addition, two additional profiles can be created on the bike navigator. If a recording of the tour is currently taking place, then this is unfortunately interrupted when switching between the profiles. This is annoying, for example, on hike & bike tours where you have to carry the MTB over longer distances. Through the profiles is therefore much more than pure bicycle navigation possible.

Once navigation is complete, the recorded routes are stored in the internal memory as GPX and FIT files. The bike navigator is recognized as a mass storage device like a USB stick and thereby the files can be easily exported. Who wants, of course, can upload the files in sports portals such as komoot and Strava.

Navigation with TAHUNA TEASI ONE4

A great strength of the Radnavi are the navigation functions: Very well works the bike navigation along already planned routes. The tours can be imported with a GPX or FIT file and the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 also handles the navigation to the starting point of the tour.

Tours can also be created with online sports and touring portals such as komoot, Strava, Bikemap and the like. The created routes are then transferred to the bike navigator via GPX or FIT file. The PC software TAHUNA TOOL can also be used to plan routes on the PC.

Auto-Routing The TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 bike navi is also capable of auto-routing This refers to the direct calculation of a route on the navi. The destination of the tour can be entered either by entering the address or directly on the map. The map and the elevation profile are then clearly displayed in a preview. In addition, route properties such as “fastest route” can be selected.

Want more control over your trip planning? The following is possible with the bike navi:

  • In the “Tour” menu, draw the route on the map using the touch screen or tap several points on the map.
  • Add multiple waypoints to a route from the Destination menu. The following are available as waypoints: Addresses, coordinates, POIs, favourites and points on the map.

A large number of POIs is already stored on the bike navi. In addition, you can also create your own favorites such as the current position or any point on the map: Either as a GPX import or directly on the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4.

The bike navigator also has a bike computer function. This is appropriately called a “computer”. The bike computer displays current information about the tour clearly. For example, the current speed and the daily distance driven are conceivable.

So very comprehensive and well implemented is the bike navigation and bike computer function. Beide Funktionenn haben mich im TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 Test überzeugt. Die Datenübertragung der Strecken könnte einfacher gelöst sein z.B. per drahtloser Smartphone Anbindung.

The TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 only uses GPS to determine its position. In practice the bike navi finds the position quickly and holds it reliably even in difficult situations. Most modern bicycle navigation systems determine their position via several technologies. Common systems are GPS, GLOSNASS or GALILEO. Experience has shown that navis with only one GNSS also work reliably and the use of only GPS is probably due to cost reasons.

TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 Experience and Summary

The TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 is an affordable navigation device for touring and leisure cyclists. The bike navi has weaknesses, but it provides really good navigation (and bike navigation) along routes planned – or downloaded – on the computer. The operation is well thought out and convincing. Those who can handle the battery life can take a closer look at the device.

If this device doesn’t appeal to you, check out the featured alternatives below.

Buy TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 – yes or no?

The TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 is suitable for touring and leisure cyclists: Especially the navigation along planned routes and the low price convince. Weak are the touchscreen and for certain users the battery life.


✅ reasonable price
✅ simple operation
✅ Navigation along planned routes
✅ Operation consistently fast


❌ Battery life
❌ In strong sunlight, the display reflects
❌ Only one bracket included in the scope of delivery

Quick overview

* Werbung - Aktualisierung am 2024-06-24, Preis kann gestiegen sein, Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Verkäufen, Bild:Amazon

Alternatives to the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4

Garmin Edge Explore

The best alternative comes from Garmin: The Garmin Edge Explore scores with very fast hardware and has an excellent touchscreen. The display is clearly readable even in the blazing sun and the battery lasts longer than on the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4. The scope of delivery is also larger. For touring and leisure cyclists, the Garmin Edge Explore is a clear recommendation. Conclusion: Top bike navigation.

Keine Produkte gefunden.

To the detailed Garmin Edge Explore field test (test & experiences)

What do you think of the TAHUNA TEASI ONE4 bike navigator? Do you have any questions? Write me your comment, please.

The GPS bike computer tested here doesn’t suit you? In the extensive Bicycle Navi Test I have all recommendable Fahrad Navis clearly in the comparison. I regularly update the test. Best check out the article now.

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