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sigma rox 12.0 sport review

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The Keine Produkte gefunden. provides full-featured GPS navigation for mountain biking, bike touring and sports. The operation is particularly simple and based on popular smartphone apps. In the review, I check exactly how well the GPS bike computer works in bike navigation and sports in practice. Find out everything you need to know about the GPS bike navigator >>

Sigma ROX 12 Test Navigation with data fields on GPS bike computer
Sigma ROX 12 Test – The GPS bike computer also cuts a fine figure on the road bike handlebars

The Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport is the new GPS bike computer flagship from Sigma. Up to now, there were rather simple bike computers from Sigma. An example of this is the Sigma ROX GPS 11.0. With the new Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport, Sigma now places itself in the upper league for bicycle navigation.

The following exciting features are offered:

Extensive navigation and training functions, easy operation via the large color touchscreen, integrated connection of popular online sports portals such as komoot and Strava via WLAN.

In this detailed Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport review, I take the GPS bike navigator under the microscope, test it in practice and help you with the purchase decision.

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Keine Produkte gefunden.

The Sigma top model offers extensive functions in the area of bike navigation and training and is comfortable to use. For this purpose, well-known sports portals such as Strava and komoot are directly connected via WLAN.

Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport test in the forest
Sigma ROX 12 experience – with the crosser and the bike navi on the handlebars, it goes through the undergrowth

Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport Highlights

What are the big features of the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer?

full offline map navigation.
large color touch screen
Extensive sports functions.
easy operation: strongly based on smartphone operation

Keine Produkte gefunden.

So let’s take a close look at all the details in the Sigma ROX 12 test 😉

Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport Technology

Highlights include a large color touchscreen and removable memory (8GB with up to 128GB memory expansion). In return, the case is quite large.

Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport Experience Display in the forest
Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport in blazing sun in the forest – minimal reflection and easy-to-read color touchscreen

In the technology check you will learn everything important about the technology of the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport bike navigator.

Sigma ROX 12 Test – Unboxing & Scope of Delivery

The ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer comes with an aero handlebar mount with additional action cam adapter. Also included are two cable tie mounts for the handlebar or stem. There is also a set variant with additional equipment: In this case, the heart rate chest strap (R1 DUO) and the combined cadence/speed sensor (R2 DUO) are included in the scope of delivery.

SIGMA SPORT ROX 12.0, GPS Fahrradcomputer mit Kartennavigation und Farbdisplay
  • FAHRRADNAVI: vielfältige Navigations- und Routing-Optionen, OSM-Fahrradkarten weltweit inklusive; Anbindung an komoot und Strava
  • FAHRRADCOMPUTER: Anbindung an Strava, komoot, & TrainingPeaks; individuelle Workouts, 30 Trainingsansichten, beliebig viele Sportprofile, kompatibel mit gängigen Leistungsmesssystemen u. a. mit Rotor 2INpower (OCA, OCP)
  • SCHNELLE DATENÜBERTRAGUNG: WIFI Schnittstelle, Synchronisierung der Trainingsdaten zum SIGMA DATA CENTER und Sigma LINK App via Sigma CLOUD, ANT+, Schnittstelle, GPS und GLONASS

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The Rox 12.0 GPS bike computer can also be customized:

An official set with three color shells and colored keys is optionally available. This allows you to customize the color of the case and also the side buttons. A really funny idea. Assembly is simple: To match the colour, first remove the outer casing shell with two Torx T-6 screws and then replace it with one of the three colours.

Sigma Sport Unisex – Erwachsene ROX 12.0 Sport Farbschale-Lime Green, Silikonhülle Geräte Tastensets
  • Individualisierbar: Durch die verschiedenen Farbvarianten kannst du deinen ROX 12 individualisieren und an dein Bike anpassen
  • Einfache Montage: Durch das lösen der 2 Torx-Schrauben kann die Shell ganz einfach gelöst und wieder befestigt werden
  • Lieferumfang: ROX 12 Farbschale mit Tasten in allen 3 Farben (lime green, wild orange und sky blue)

* Werbung - Aktualisierung am 2024-04-17, Preis kann gestiegen sein, Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Verkäufen, Bild:Amazon

Hardware and memory of the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport

The 59 x 115 x 17 mm large case is immediately noticeable. I would have liked smaller borders next to the display here. The GPS bike navigator itself has a weight of 124 grams. I weighed the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport without mount and memory card.

Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport Experience GPS Bike Navi on handlebars
Sigma ROX 12 Experience – The GPS bike navigator in navigation mode

The memory of the ROX 12.0 Sport includes 8 GB of internal memory. Numerous countries from Central Europe are already pre-installed ex works. Additional countries can be downloaded free of charge via WLAN. I find this exemplary and works quite simply directly on the bike GPS Navi.

You need additional storage? Fortunately, the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport can be expanded by up to 128 GB with a microSD memory card. The card slot is located on the underside of the case and is well protected by a rubber cover.

Several sensors are on board for positioning: GPS and GLONASS provide the GPS fix and the 3-axis compass ensures that the map is correctly aligned even when stationary. The interaction of the sensors works really well on the GPS bike navigator. A barometric altimeter for displaying the altitude meters on the GPS bike computer is also installed.

The entire hardware package is thus up to date. The technical data reads well and the ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer makes a quality impression all around.

In the hand – keys and controls

The Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport offers six buttons: the one directly below the touch display, two on the right and one on the left side of the housing. With the buttons the basic operation of the bike navi is possible – without using the touchscreen.

Smartphone owners will immediately feel at home when operating the device: Sigma Sport’s operating concept for the GPS bike navigator is very close to the familiar operation of modern smartphones. For example, the home button can be used to call up the main menu of the bike navigator at any time.

Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport test buttons front
with the home button at the bottom center you can always return to the main menu of the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport

The following is an overview of the operating options:

  • Large color touchscreen for main operation.
  • On/Off switch and Forward button on right side of housing
  • Back button on the left of the housing

    3 buttons directly below the display:
  • Start button to start recording
  • Stop button to stop recording: There is also a setting to pause automatically. In turn-based driving, the stop button can be used to complete the current turn.
  • Home button you can access the main menu of the ROX 12.0 GPS bike navigation system at any time.
Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport test button page
Back button on the left side of the housing of the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer

Mounting and fastening – GPS bicycle navigation system

The mounting of the ROX 12.0 Sport works very similar to the GPS bike navigation devices from Garmin: The ROX 12.0 Sport is attached to the mount by inserting it and then turning it a quarter turn. The mechanism is compatible with Garmin mounts. This is a great advantage because it means that the extensive range of official Garmin mounts and third-party mounts are compatible.

Included is an aero mount (handlebar mount) and two cable tie mount brackets. This allows the bicycle navigation device to be attached to the handlebar or stem, for example. The additional brackets are particularly suitable as a mount for the second or third bike. An action cam mount is also included for the Aero mount.

Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport Experience Bracket
Sigma ROX 12 experience – the mount is compatible with Garmin mounts and fits different handlebar diameters

The included mount (Sigma Butler III GPS handlebar mount, 44 grams) is very stylish and underlines the sporty character of the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport. The bracket is made for handlebars with 31.8 mm diameter.Thus, the bracket should fit most modern MTBs and road bikes. A reduction rubber for handlebars with a smaller diameter is included.

Display of the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport

For a GPS bike navigator, the color touchscreen is huge at 3 inches diagonal.

Good Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport experience: Whether in bright sunshine or in the forest in changing light conditions – the display is easy to read in all situations. I also expected good readability from a display with transreflective technology. It does not quite reach the brilliance of a Garmin display.

The ROX 12.0 Sport bike navigator also has a built-in brightness sensor to automatically adjust the backlight. This solution works really well and in most situations the backlight is adjusted aptly.

Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport Test Display in sunlight
Sigma ROX 12 Test – The display in the blazing midday sun

There is no possibility to intervene in the brightness control. It would be nice if the base brightness could be adjusted via a slider, like in many smartphones.

Battery life of the GPS bike computer

The ROX 12.0 Sport is powered by a permanently installed 2,000 mAH battery.

In practice, the bike navigator manages 9 to 11 hours of bike navigation with one battery charge. In my Sigma ROX 12.0 test, I was mostly riding with the backlight automatically controlled. Sigma promises up to 16 hours of battery life for the GPS bike computer. So the practice is quite different. For most riders and sufficient for a day of cycling, the battery should still be in most cases. That here by a software update in the future big changes are to be expected, I do not believe unfortunately.

There is a micro-USB port on the bottom of the case. The bike navigator is charged via this. Fortunately, this is also possible during active bicycle navigation, for example with a power bank. With a special cable, charging on an eBike computer such as the Bosch Intuvia should also be possible. However, I have not tested this function. With some eBike computers, the ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer is supposed to switch to PC mode. This can be exited by pressing the home button, and bike navigation is then possible again while charging at the same time.

Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport Experience Micro USB Jack
Sigma ROX 12 Experience – Micro USB socket for power supply and data transfer via cable.

If the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport is switched off during charging, the LED around the middle button lights up red. When the battery is full, the color changes to green. A practical detail.

Sensors and connections on the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport

The ROX 12.0 Sport supports both Bluetooth and ANT+. Thus, a variety of compatible sensors can be connected to the bike training computer. Depending on the type of sensor (heart rate / cadence or power meter), a variety of data is then displayed on the bike navi display.

Immediately after the tour, the data is automatically transmitted via WLAN to the Sigma Cloud, where it can be viewed and analyzed in detail in the Data Center. The automatic transfer of the training units to komoot and Strava is of course also possible.

With the Rotor 2INpower power meter there is an additional exception: besides the power values of the power meter, additional values are transmitted:

  • OCA (Optimum Chainring Angle)
  • OCP (Optimum Chainring Position)

By evaluating these values, it should be possible to optimize the round kick. These two values are displayed both numerically and graphically.


The operation of the ROX 12.0 Sport is intuitive, well thought out and simple. The handling is strongly based on a smartphone operation and should therefore be quickly learnable for most.

An example of smartphone operation: The round home button always takes you directly to the home page. There you will also see the currently activated profile. There is also a “Sportpropfile” button on the home page. With it you can switch between the profiles, create your own and make settings for the profiles.

Sigma ROX 12 experience sport profiles route options on GPS bike navigator
Sigma ROX 12 Experience – Sport profiles and route options on GPS bike navigator

From the clearly arranged start page you can directly access the most important functions. You have direct access to navigation and tracks and also the online portals can be managed. With a swipe to the left or right you can switch between the pages.

Sigma ROX 12 Test Main Menu Home Page of the GPS Bike Computer
Sigma ROX 12 Test – The main menu of the GPS bike computer has four start pages

The following online sports portals are available:

  • GPSies (to be removed with a firmware update in late 2019 – more info).
  • Strava
  • TrainingPeaks
  • komoot

Reading tip: The synchronization of the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport to komoot, Strava and Co. is seamlessly integrated into the GPS bike computer. This makes the setup particularly easy. For a step-by-step setup guide, check out the comprehensive komoot review.

Sigma ROX 12 Test komoot Connect the GPS bike computer
Sigma ROX 12 Test – The GPS bike computer connects with komoot

On another page you will find the Workout, Memory, Settings and Sigma Cloud functions. I’ll go into more detail about some of the menu items below.

The following DeepL accesses are built into the ROX 12.0 GPS bike computer:

  • With a swipe from the top you open a menu with the most important settings
  • Swipe from the bottom to open the quick navigation menu: Navigation home and to the last destinations can be found here
  • Short press on the power button: The touch display switches off. Any recording that may be running continues in the background. Practical, for example, to extend battery life
  • Long press on the power button: Screen is locked. This feature is especially handy when hiking. So that the ROX 12.0 Sport is not activated unintentionally in the bag

During an activity, you can switch between the different pages by swiping horizontally.

Sigma ROX 12 experience status page DeepL Access to the GPS bike navigator
Sigma ROX 12 Experience – The status page is displayed on the GPS bike navigator with a swipe from top to bottom.

A particularly useful feature on the Sigma ROX 12.0: The map can also be installed as a data field. There it will be displayed as a mini-map. One tap on the mini-map and the map is displayed larger. On the large map view there are the familiar finger gestures from the smartphone: With the familiar two-finger gestures you can zoom and rotate the map. The GPS bike navigator reacts pleasantly fast.

Overall, the operation is intuitive and easy to learn. I understood Bedien-Logik after a very short learning phase and have been able to find my way around ever since.

Bike Navigation with Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport

The route calculation is just right for most touring cyclists. The Sigma ROX 12.0 also suggests distant, beautiful bike paths into the route if desired. The route selection thus fits the needs of recreational cyclists surprisingly well.

Sigma ROX 12 Test Bike Navigation Route suggestions
The bike navigation offers sensible route suggestions: Recommended, Easy and Short are available for selection

Record activity

Pressing the start button starts the recording. So if you already know the route and don’t need navigation, you can start right away. The recording is also automatically paused when the wheel stops. During recording there are two data pages:

  • The large map with altitude covered and current speed
  • The altitude profile covered

The stop button ends the recording. Then you can also save the activity. After synchronisation, the activity, including many details, can be conveniently viewed on the smartphone or in the Sigma Data Center.

On the GPS bicycle navi directly there are also already many evaluations. It is directly displayed which record you currently hold: Altitude, calories, best 5 seconds, longest distance, longest training time and fastest ride. For more analysis, as I said, there is the smartphone and the Garmin Data Center.


There are several options for navigation with the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport.

Sigma ROX 12 Experience navigation possibilities with the GPS bicycle navigator
Useful navigation options are available in the “Navigation” menu for bicycle navigation

Entering the address: The address is entered directly via the touchscreen on the ROX 12.0 Sport. Address input works quite well on the 3 inch touch screen. Strangely enough, you can only be navigated to a street. It is not possible to enter the house number.

Selecting a Point of Interest (POI): The desired destination can be selected directly on the map view or the destination can be selected by entering coordinates. The current location or a desired location can be selected as the starting point.

Track Navigation: Transferring a GPX file from the computer is possible here. I did that a lot and it worked well. The GPX files are then displayed in the Track Navigation.

Sports Portals: The most popular online sports portals are well integrated into the ROX 12.0. You can plan the tours directly on the computer and these are then displayed as a track on the ROX 12.0 and the bike navigation can start directly. This is the feature I use most often. Most of the time I plan the route on my smartphone or more complex tours on my computer.

Draw my Route: A cool and innovative feature for creating routes. By touch screen you draw a route directly on the map. Taking into account the currently selected profile, the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport then calculates a suitable route. For me, the GPS bike navigator has delivered really good results here. Due to the simple operation, routes can be planned particularly quickly in this mode.

Navigation: The normal navigation function. Sigma has implemented these very well. You get a map overview and can choose between recommended, easy and short for the calculated route. The terms are almost self-explanatory: recommended is the route with detours worth seeing, easy is getting to the destination quickly and takes into account cycle paths, and short is the shortest way to the destination.

The route suggestion can also be adapted to your own needs, for example by adding intermediate destinations.

In my Sigma ROX 12 test I was very satisfied with the route selection, the display and the route suggestions. The recalculation of the route also worked amazingly fast in every situation.


The Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport GPS computer uses proven OSM maps for bike navigation. The map offer is really extensive: In Europe, 20 countries are already installed on the bike navi. From further 5 continents certain countries are already installed.

Sigma ROX 12 Test maps on GPS bike computer
A variety of free OSM maps are available for download via WLAN – good Sigma ROX 12 experience

The maps are updated regularly and the update can be done directly on the ROX 12.0 GPS bike computer via WLAN. Really comfortable, then. The updates are free of charge. The map offer and the updates are an essential point with a GPS bicycle navigator. Both the scope and the free maps are a definite plus with the Sigma ROX 12 experience.

As already described above: The ROX 12 Sport has 8 GB of internal memory and can be expanded by up to 128 GB via microSD cards. Thus, there is enough storage space for maps, tracks and other data on the GPS bike computer.

The display of the maps is super smooth and you can also work well with the level of detail. I am completely satisfied with it.

Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport Experience and Summary

The Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport is a high-end GPS bike computer that breaks new ground in many innovative ways. The navigation functions are extensive and you have the bike navigator, thanks to the intuitive operation, always under control. The map material is extensive and the navigation results are convincing. In addition, online sports portals like Strava and komoot are seamlessly integrated into the software. Synchronization is automatic and lightning fast via WLAN.

The overall package is convincing and thus places the Sigma ROX 12.0 in the middle of the league of high-end GPS bike computers.

Buy Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport – yes or no?

With the ROX 12.0 Sport, Sigma delivers a GPS bike navigator of the upper class. The bike navi is suitable for cyclists who love their smartphone navi and want to switch to a full-fledged bike navi.

It offers full navigation at a very high level as well as a wide range of maps including free map updates.

Touring as well as leisure cyclists will be happy with the bike navigator and athletes will be pleased with a lavishly equipped training center.

Keine Produkte gefunden.


TOP bike navigation with smooth map display
Easy operation
✅ Sports portals (incl. komoot, Strava) directly integrated, as well as. Auto-Sync via WLAN
✅ To Garmin Edge compatible holder in the scope of delivery


❌ Large housing
❌ Mediocre battery life

Alternatives to the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport

Garmin Edge 530 and Edge 830

Both GPS bike computers are light, small and the battery lasts extra long: Just under 20 hours for both. That is an announcement and is also enough for particularly long bike tours. Via Garmin Connect IQ, the GPS bike computers are ready for komoot and Strava and other online sports portals. The bike navigation is top notch and the training features are extensive. There are differences in the operation: The Edge 530 is operated completely with the buttons. The Edge 830 also has a touchscreen and more functions for bike navigation.

Garmin Edge 530 – GPS-Fahrradcomputer mit 2,6“ Farbdisplay, umfassenden Leistungsdaten, vorinstallierter Europakarte zur Navigation & bis zu 20 h Akkulaufzeit, MTB-Kennzahlen, Schwarz
  • PERFEKT ABLESBAR & PER TASTE BEDIENBAR: Das hochauflösende 2,6“ (6,6 cm) große Farbdisplay lässt sich auch bei Sonneneinstrahlung hervorragend ablesen. Per Tastenbedienung navigieren Sie sich durch die vielfältigen Funktionen und Menüs. Gerätabmessungen: 50 x 82 x 20 mm (BxHxT)
  • HOCHPRÄZISE DATEN: Dank der integrierten Satellitensysteme GPS, GLONASS und Galileo sowie einem barometrischen Höhenmesser erhalten Sie auf jeder Tour zuverlässige Daten zu Geschwindigkeit, Distanz, Navigation u.v.m.
  • INDIVIDUELLE TRAININGSSTEUERUNG: Über ANT+ können Sie HF-Brustgurte, Leistungsmesser und weitere Sensoren koppeln und so Ihr Training steuern. Der Edge informiert Sie über Ihr Fitnesslevel, Ihre individuelle Trainingsbelastung und Ihren Belastungsfokus. Mit Empfehlungen zu Erholungszeiten

* Werbung - Aktualisierung am 2024-04-17, Preis kann gestiegen sein, Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Verkäufen, Bild:Amazon


* Werbung - Aktualisierung am 2024-04-17, Preis kann gestiegen sein, Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Verkäufen, Bild:Amazon

To the detailed Garmin Edge 530 field test (test & experiences)

Garmin Edge 1030

The Sigma ROX alternative from Garmin is called Edge 1030. The Edge 1030 also offers high-end bike navigation at a comparably good level. The range of functions is greater and the battery life is longer than the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport. Due to the increased range of functions, however, the operation is more complex.

Garmin Edge 1030 Unisex Hand Gps - Erwachsene, Schwarz und Weiß
  • Fahrradcomputer mit 3,5 Zoll großem Display, umfassenden Navigationsfunktionen sowie Leistung- und Fahrradsicherheitsfunktionen
  • Trendline Popularity Routing zeigt basierend auf Milliarden von Kilometern an Streckendaten von Garmin Connect die besten Straßen- und Geländerouten an
  • Vorinstallierte Fahrradkarte für Abbiegehinweise und neue Navigationsalarme

* Werbung - Aktualisierung am 2024-04-17, Preis kann gestiegen sein, Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Verkäufen, Bild:Amazon

Zum ausführlichen Garmin Edge 1030 Praxistest (Test & Erfahrungen)

What do you think of the Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport? Do you have any questions? Write me your comment, please.

The GPS bike computer tested here doesn’t suit you?

I regularly update both tests. Best check out the articles now.

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