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MSR Hubba NX Test – Experiences after two years with the lightweight tent

msr hubba nx review

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Having a lightweight tent with a small pack size with you has obvious advantages. At the same time, ultralight doesn’t mean covering up with a bivy sack or being exposed to the rain in a tarp.

The MSR Hubba NX 1 is one of the lightest, freestanding one-man tents available and the smaller version of the MSR Hubba Hubba NX.

Read on now: you’ll learn how the lightweight material, poles and minimalist design have stood the test of time after more than two years… In this article, I share my experience after more than two years with this lightweight tent.

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MSR Hubba NX Highlights

What are the big features of the MSR Hubba NX?

✅ Lightweight: The ultralight tent for 1 person weighs just 1330 grams in the complete package. Without carrying cover or only with the outer or inner tent you can also come under 1 kilo.
Small pack size: The MSR Hubba NX is ideal as a backpacking or bikepacking tent. Thanks to the small pack size it fits well in a bikepacking handlebar roll or backpack.
✅ Freestanding tent: The MSR Hubba NX is completely freestanding. This means that it can also be set up without pegs or on rocky ground.

MSR Hubba NX Test Outer Tent
MSR Hubba NX Test – Bikepacking Tent incl. Outer tent built on stone. On my journey from Stuttgart to Istanbul

…and much more. I present it to you all the details in this MSR Hubba NX review.

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MSR Hubba NX Test

For the bikepacking event Tuscany Trail in beautiful Tuscany, I was looking for a new tent.

The new home should meet some important criteria:

  • Low weight: The weight is always a particularly important aspect for long bikepacking or bike tours. Every gram counts here! The total weight should therefore remain below 1.5 kilos.
  • Small pack size: The MSR tent should pack down as compactly as possible. An important aspect for the transport in the bicycle bags or in the backpack.
  • Free-standing tent: I already knew the advantages of a free-standing tent from previous dwellings. I also wanted to pitch the tent on stony ground without having to brace it. Pegs don’t stand a chance on hard or stony ground. The inner tent should also stand independently from the outer tent. So it can be set up as a shelter with extra good ventilation to enjoy the starry sky. The protection against mosquitoes and insects is thus still guaranteed.
  • 3 seasons tent: The tent was more for warmer temperatures. Originally I had bought it for the Tuscany Trail through Italy. However, I also like touring the Black Forest in early spring or late fall. More precisely, from March to October. So it shouldn’t be too breezy.

After extensive research, I decided on the MSR Hubba NX and am very happy with it to date. It is one of the lightest freestanding tents. Therefore, I was initially amazed at the comfort and space offered.

It is also available as two man tent MSR Hubba Hubba NX.

Bikepacking Tent in Italy Tuscany Trail
Bikepacking Tent – The MSR Hubba 1 person tent pitched on stone at the Tuscany Trail in Italy

What the tent has done after more than two years in use, you will find out in this article.

MSR Hubba NX in the field test

I had the MSR Hubba NX with me for the 550km Tuscany Trail in beautiful Tuscany in 2017 as a faithful companion. It survived this baptism of fire without any problems.

For two months it was then my faithful companion on a bike tour from Stuttgart to Istanbul. That was 2018. During this time I slept in the tent very often. When it got warmer I often put up only the inner tent.

MSR Hubba NX 1 Test Iron Curtain Trail
MSR Hubba NX 1 Test – The bikepacking tent just before the Czech border on the Eurovelo 13 (Iron Curtain Trail)

As underground everything occurred on these trips: From soft forest soil to gravel. From spiky and cut grass to asphalt.

Bikepacking tent in Turkey
Bikepacking tent in Turkey – with the footprint the MSR Hubba NX can also be pitched easily on sand and gravel

The nights ranged from summery lukewarm to frosty cold and rainy. Especially during several short overnights in the Black Forest the tent had to prove its weather resistance.

After this long-term test I am still totally thrilled by the tent. In addition, it still looks almost like new. Of course I always packed and transported it properly.

Also, for tent floor protection, I always have the MSR Footprint used (1 person variant), (2 person variant) . I would recommend that to anyone too!

Weight and pack size

As mentioned, the MSR Hubba NX is one of the lightest, freestanding tents..

It has the following values:

  • 930 grams for the inner tent and tent poles
  • 1120 grams for inner tent, outer tent and the tent poles
  • 210 grams for pegs, guy ropes and the pack sacks

The complete tent is therefore 1330 grams. For the total package I find the very good values! After all, the tent stands freely, is spacious enough for one person and also robust and offers good weather protection.

Since we are talking about an Ultralight one-person tent, the pack size is also absolutely within the green range.

The already mentioned extra ground sheet (MSR Hubba NX Footprint) should of course also be included in the luggage. Without these tarpaulins the floor of the tent could wear out quickly. By the way, it is super small and weighs only 20 grams 😉

Material and processing

A lightweight tent might come with low durability of the material – you might think. Even after 2 years of intensive use I fully trust the tent.

The material has proven its robustness over time and I trust the MSR Hubba NX even in difficult situations.

I would like to point out the following again: I always pitched the tent with the footprint, let it dry in the morning and then packed it in the original carry bag and transported it that way.

Inner and outer tent

The following material is used in the MSR Hubba NX:

  • Outer tent: 20D strong nylon with 1200 mm water column
  • Floor: 30D strong nylon with 3000mm water column i.e. the floor is reinforced
MSR Hubba NX Test Inner tent wide
MSR Hubba NX Test – Bike, inner tent and sleeping pad in summer in the forest

As mentioned before, I always recommend using an MSR Footprint to protect the tent. The specified water column is manageable, but in my experience it is still quite sufficient. Even in heavy rain the tent held in my test always tight.

MSR Tent Test
MSR Tent Test – The inner material is thin and light. Transported with the original carrying bag it looks almost like new even after a long time

Very pleasant is the good ventilation of the tent: It forms comparatively little moisture and condensation inside. MSR seems to hit the happy medium here between comfortable ventilation and weather resistance. On the outer tent there is also a small ventilation slot: This can be opened optionally and this improves the air circulation again. I have honestly always left it closed, because the ventilation of the MSR Hubba NX is already very pleasant even closed.

MSR Hubba NX Footprint

The officially offered footprint is not quite cheap with around 50 euros – with only 20 grams but very light 🙂 It is a tarp that protects the tent floor before e.g. coarse gravel reliable. I consider the footprint mandatory! The official footprint is tailor-made for the tent and has practical eyelets: you can put the pole through these when pitching. Thanks to the eyelets, the footprint always remains directly under the tent and can not slip..

A cheap alternative to the official MSR Hubba Footprint would be to cut a tarp. Here, for example, 55g/m³ strong Tyvek is suitable. You can order this material either in the hardware store or quite comfortably online. As I said, I bought the official footprint right at the beginning and am very satisfied with it to this day.

The footprint protects the floor of the tent from damage, also keeps the coarsest dirt such as mud from the tent and increases the resistance to moisture.

The outer tent is available in green and grey. I have opted for the green variant and would buy the tent in this color variant every time again. The tent in green is more inconspicuous in the field and light soiling are unauffäliger with this color.

Frame and peg – MSR Hubba NX Test

The poles of the MSR tent are made up of several poles. These are held together by a rubber cord. In addition, there is a cross brace that is also connected to the boom with a rubber cord. The rubber cord practically “guides” the poles and during assembly the individual struts snap into place.

The entire construction is lightweight and makes a robust impression. Even after occasional force from the outside none of the struts bent. MSR specifies “DAC Featherlite NFL” as the material.

The included pegs also come in a small stuff sack. Not only do they look especially chic with their bold red but they are also very sturdy. Even when I pressed them into hard ground with a lot of force, they kept their shape.

Structure MSR Hubba NX

I love when a tent is easy to pitch. Fortunately, that’s true with the MSR Hubba NX:

  • The individual tent poles can be quickly inserted into each other and attached to the inner tent at the four corners.
  • The boom also has a crossbar. The inner tent is then hooked in at two points.
  • The plastic hooks of the inner tent are then clipped to the poles.
MSR Hubba NX Test Inner Tent Close
MSR Hubba NX – The inner tent is set up quickly

Structure outer tent:

  • The outer tent is simply placed over the pitched inner tent. Colored markings help to choose the right side.
  • Then the outer tent is still attached to the four ends of the pole. This means that the outer tent is also ready to be erected.

The tent is already securely in place. However, I recommend securing the tent with at least 2 more pegs. Otherwise the outer tent flutters in the wind and causes noises at night.

Other steps for construction:

  • Stake down the vestibule with a peg
  • Brace opposite side with a peg

Overall, the MSR Hubba NX is thus after about 5 to 10 minutes built up. Dismantling is even easier and the individual parts can be easily stowed back in the supplied tent bags.

When I pitch the tent on a stone floor, I usually put a small object on both ends of the tent. Tensioning is usually not necessary with this tent. The construction is already standing very securely. Only when there is a very strong wind do I make the effort and tension the tent at all.

Space & Comfort – MSR Hubba NX Experience

I find the size of the MSR Hubba NX ideal. Considering that it is a 1-person tent then here is almost luxury 🙂

With my 1,84 m I am quite tall and can still lie down comfortable and stretched out on my sleeping pad in the tent – without touching the tent walls of course.

MSR Hubba NX Test Tent left
MSR Hubba NX Test – The light tent from the left

Next to me it had enough space to store small things like camera, mobile phone or powerbanks comfortably. If I am on the road with a backpack then I like to put my 20L Deuter backpack on the side of the foot. However, it then touches the inner tent and I would only recommend this in good weather. Smaller people have it easier here.

The vestibule offers an enormous amount of space for a 1-person tent. I’m always amazed at what I can fit in here. On a longer trip, two bike panniers, a backpack and my shoes are stored here. The vestibule is quite high and here you should think about weather protection. In extreme weather, rain could get under the vestibule. So far, everything has always stayed dry for me.

MSR Hubba NX Test Tent right
MSR Hubba NX Test – The lightweight tent from right

The MSR tent itself is also quite high. Thus, as a large person, I can also sit upright in the middle of the tent. The inner tent has a fairly round construction and thus seems far more spacious than other 1-person tents.

Weatherproof (waterproof and windproof)

With a lightweight tent like the MSR Hubba NX, the question is: How weatherproof is the tent really?

Mainly I bought the tent for warmer conditions. For these conditions the tent is ideal, because:

  • The inner tent consists of a lot of mesh
  • The (outer) tent walls are raised quite high

Thus, the tent is well ventilated but not draughty. In the summer I enjoy the good ventilation and for the early spring or late autumn it is also well suited.

When the weather is right, I also like to sleep only in the inner tent. Then I enjoy the starry sky and the outdoor feeling 🙂

The lower part of the inner tent then provides good protection against the wind and the mesh material gives a view to the outside. In good weather, I find that super enjoyable.

Every now and then I have spent nights with continuous rain in the MSR tent. It has reliably kept tight in the process.

Based on my experience with the tent I trust in its weather resistance – For 2020 I am already planning an Iceland bike tour. The island is known for its bad weather and sometimes storms. Under such conditions, I will then of course tie down the tent well!

Other MSR Hubba NX testimonials come to the same conclusion. There the tent, also what the weather concerns, was partly even more extremely stressed than with me. Thus Samuel of SamuelOnTour had the MSR tent e.g. on his one-year bicycle world trip from Germany to Thailand and was thereby content with the tent. He has endured some extremely stormy nights in the tent on his tour. Darren Alff of Bicycle Touring Pro has been traveling the world with the MSR Hubba NX for several years. he, too, has commented positively on the tent several times.

Conclusion – MSR Hubba NX Test Report Experience and Summary

If the destination isn’t places where heavy continuous rain and storms are the order of the day, then with a clear conscience you can reach for the MSR Hubba NX.

Weight and pack size are the ideal middle ground between comfort, safety and weight savings. The tent sets up quickly and in minutes. Of course, it should be noted that the inner and outer tents must be set up separately. Fortunately, in case of bad weather, the outer tent can be pitched first – then the inner tent also stays dry. In good weather you can sleep in the inner tent only. Thanks to the mesh material, star gazing is then included.

The dimensions suggest a small tent at first. It offers astonishingly much space and you don’t feel cramped in the tent. Sitting upright is also possible thanks to the round design, which is very pleasant. Sufficient space to lie outstretched is also available for tall people (1.84 M) like me and there is even a small backpack at the foot part place.

The vestibule also offers an astonishingly large amount of space: backpack, bike bags, shoes, etc. find space here and cooking is also possible here.

So it’s nice to see that the MSR Hubba NX is available at a reasonable price. Compared to the performance offered, I find the acquisition cost absolutely justified.

Buy MSR Hubba NX – yes or no?

The MSR Hubba NX has been a reliable companion on my bikepacking and cycling trips for more than two years. In my opinion it is the ideal all-round tent for one person.


* Werbung - Aktualisierung am 2024-05-28, Preis kann gestiegen sein, Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Verkäufen, Bild:Amazon


✅ It is suitable for versatile purposes.
Low weight
Small pack size
✅ It can be set up flexibly in different locations – thanks to the free-standing construction.
Most suitable for temperate climates, thanks to a high mesh content and relatively high side walls – can also withstand a night of strong wind and continuous rain without any problems.


❌ I have nothing at all to criticize the Hubba NX from MSR. You can see that I love this tent 🙂 and so I am already looking forward to the next tours with this brilliant tent.

Ultralight 1 person tents in comparison

* Werbung - Aktualisierung am 2024-05-28, Preis kann gestiegen sein, Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Verkäufen, Bild:Amazon

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* Werbung - Aktualisierung am 2024-05-28, Preis kann gestiegen sein, Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Verkäufen, Bild:Amazon

What do you think of the MSR Hubba NX? Do you have any questions? Just write me your comment.

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