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Ortlieb Atrack BP Test (Waterproof & Made in Germany) – Does the bikepacking backpack concept work?

Ortlieb Atrack BP Test Title

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The Ortlieb Atrack BP (Bikepacking) 25L* cleverly combines the features of a waterproof bike backpack with the accessibility of a travel bag. With the Bikepacking backpack Ortlieb deliberately breaks new ground and combines several special features in the Atrack BP:

How suitable is the Ortlieb BP 25L as an outdoor backpack and as a travel bag? The BP variant tested is the bikepacking model of the Ortlieb Atrack. The Bikepacking Backpack matches the Ortlieb Bikepacking bags in color perfectly and offers some bike-specific features.

How the Ortlieb Atrack BP proves itself in practice, you will find out in this test. >>

Ortlieb Atrack BP Test
Ortlieb Atrack Bikepacking backpack in test – Backpack and Gravel Bike

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What are the big features of the Ortlieb Atrack BP?

  • Material: PU coated nylon fabric
  • Weight: 1,300 grams
  • Volume & Mass: 25 litres, 56cm x 26cm x 25cm (H x W x D)
  • Maximum load: 10 kilos
  • Support system:
  • Waterproof/Special features: Yes (IP67 – Dustproof and protected against temporary submersion).
  • Special features: 5 years warranty
  • Manufacturer: Ortlieb.de
  • colours: slate & black matt
  • UVP: 179,99 EUR

✅ Combination of outdoor backpack and travel bag: extra large access compartment and plenty of fastening options outside.
✅ Fully waterproof bike backpack (IP67): The backpack itself as well as the TIZIP zipper are completely waterproof
✅ Bike backpack adjustments on the Ortlieb Atrack BP: Removable hip belt instead of hip fins, slim backpack, helmet attachment.
✅ The zipper is fully waterproof (IP67) and extends over the full back of the backpack
✅ Read correctly: The Atrack BP is not accessed classically from the top, but from the back.
✅ The backpack offers inside plenty of space and outside plenty of attachment options and some additional compartments

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Ortlieb Atrack BP Test waterproof backpack for bikepacking
Ortlieb Atrack BP Test: waterproof backpack for bikepacking and outdoor adventures

Note – this post is advertising: I requested the Ortlieb Atrack BP from ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH as a test copy. I was then given the bikepacking backpack for a test.

Ortlieb Atrack BP Test waterproof bikepacking backpack front bike
Ortlieb Atrack BP: Front of the waterproof bikepacking backpack
Ortlieb Atrack BP Test Waterproof Bikepacking Backpack Back Bicycle
Ortlieb Atrack BP: Back from waterproof Fbike Backpack

Ortlieb Atrack BP in the test

With the Bikepacking backpack Ortlieb goes new ways: The access is via the back and the backpack is thus opened like a travel bag. The zipper extends over the entire back area and beyond. Access via the large zipper ensures the convenience and clarity of a travel bag.

The BP stands for Bikepacking. Compared to the normal Ortlieb Atrack, Ortlieb gives the waterproof bikepacking bike backpack some bike specific adjustments:

  • Wide hip fins vs. detachable hip belt
  • Slim silhouette
  • Helmet mount
  • Volume: 45, 35, 25L vs 25L
  • Other special features

In addition, the Atrack BP brings the carrying system and features of an outdoor backpack. This gives you convenient access to your gear even when the backpack is fully loaded. (clarity and accessibility)

Ortlieb Atrack BP 25L front wood
Ortlieb Atrack BP with 25 liter volume – waterproof bike backpack front
Ortlieb Atrack BP 25L Front Wood Waterproof Bikepacking Backpack
Ortlieb Atrack BP with 25 liter volume – waterproof bike backpack from the side
Ortlieb Atrack BP 25L Back Waterproof Bike Backpack
Ortlieb Atrack BP with 25 litre volume – waterproof bike backpack backside

Let’s sum it up. The Ortlieb Atrack BP brings the following features from the Bicycle Backpack and Travel Bag sections:

Outdoor & Bike:

  • Adjustable carrying system with good ventilation
  • Preparation for hydration system/drinking bladder

Travel bag:

  • Large and wide access to the main compartment
  • Wide inner compression strap
  • Four easily accessible inside pockets
Ortlieb Atrack BP Bikepacking Backpack in the forest
Ortlieb Atrack BP – Bikepacking backpack in the forest and in the test

Organization & Equipment

How much volume does the Ortlieb Bikepacking backpack offer? How much equipment really fits in and what about accessibility?

Ortlieb Atrack BP 25L front
Ortlieb Atrack BP (Bikepacking)

With 25 liters of volume, the Atrack BP offers plenty of space for a bikepacking backpack. This makes the Atrack particularly suitable for extended tours, for example an alpine cross and also for commuting. Thus, the Ortlieb Atrack BP can be counted among the large bike backpacks.

Organizational possibilities inside:

Let’s take a close look at the organization options and compartments inside.

Ortlieb Atrack BP 25L back
Ortlieb Atrack BP 25 Liter (Bikepacking Backpack) Backside

The heart of the Atrack BP is the large main compartment: The inner compartment offers the most space. In addition, equipment or even a laptop can be secured with a lashing strap.

Ortlieb Atrack BP in test Interior compartments offer organisation
Ortlieb Atrack BP in test – The inner compartments offer organisation

Inside there are 2 zippered pockets on each side (1x large pocket and 1 x small pocket on each side). There is one large and one small zippered pocket on each side. Equipment that you want to have quick access to can be stored in these side zipped pockets: Wallet, smartphone, bike multitool, arm warmers and leg warmers or the bike rainwear.

Ortlieb Atrack BP 25L - Travel bag with organiser compartment
Ortlieb Atrack BP 25L – Waterproof travel bag with compartments for organization
Ortlieb Atrack BP organiser pocket right
Ortlieb Atrack BP: Organiser compartment on the right side
Ortlieb Atrack BP Test organiser compartment left
Ortlieb Atrack BP: Organiser pocket on the left side

A hydration bladder can also be positioned in one of the large inner pockets. The Atrack backpack has a waterproof passage and an attachment system for the hydration bladder tube. The official accessory for this is the Atrack Hydration System. You can find out exactly how it works in the “Accessories” section further down in the Atrack review.

At the top of the interior compartment is a small hook that can be used to store such things as keys or other small accessories for instant access.

Organizational possibilities outside

Even with the organization options on the outside of the Atrack BP, Ortlieb goes new ways and has come up with clever details: On the outside of the bikepacking backpack, the 5 orange straps are immediately noticeable. At first glance, the concept seems complex, but then it is immediately learned:

All straps can be pulled together. This allows the outdoor backpack to be unzipped and remains nice and slim even when fully loaded. This is especially important if you use it as a bike backpack and are racing through the undergrowth on forest paths and trails. After all, you don’t want to get stuck on branches left and right unnecessarily 😉

Ortlieb Atrack BP Test Bikepacking Backpack with Bike
Ortlieb Atrack BP in test: Bikepacking backpack on bike tires

The orange belts have other functions as well:

Long Orange strap from bottom to top (vertical): Serves as helmet attachment and makes the backpack easier to put on and close. As I said: If you want to guarantee full waterproofness, you have to close the TIZIP zipper tightly.

Four orange straps with attachment hooks: Ortlieb calls the straps Daisy Chains. I would say these are practical attachment slings. There you can loop in further accessories. As an example Ortlieb shows the attachment of longboards, skis and hiking poles. I have not yet fixed particularly large and heavy objects to the fastening straps but I can confirm the reliability of the straps. A quite fully loaded backpack can also be lifted up by the straps without something tearing out.

Very typical and very practical for an outdoor backpack: On the left and right side there are slots with large mesh pockets. In them you can store e.g. water bottles, flipflops or even a foldable sleeping pad. The pockets are already large and deep. This allows the equipment to find a secure hold in the pockets. For added security, items can be tied down with one of the orange daisy chain straps.

Ortlieb Atrack BP 25L side pocket on bikepacking backpack
Ortlieb Atrack BP 25L: Large side pocket on the bikepacking backpack

This fits in

In numbers: 25 liters! What does that mean exactly? Twenty-five liters of volume is easily enough for the luggage on a Trans-Alp, for a weekend trip and even more so for an Overnighter.

For extended and month-long backpacking trips, the Atrack 35 litre or the Atrack 45 litre i.e. the Atrack variants without bike adaptations are more recommended.

Ortlieb Atrack BP 25l storage space - that fits inside
Ortlieb Atrack BP 25L with a lot of storage space – that fits in – is enough for an extended overnighter.

Carrying comfort of the Ortlieb Atrack BP

Does the Ortlieb Bikepackng backpack sit comfortably and stably on your back? What about ventilation and climate at the back?

Ventilation and climate

With four large mesh pads, the Atrack BP rests on your back: Two elongated pads on top, and two smaller resting areas on the bottom. When the Atrack BP is put on, you quickly notice that the ventilation concept works: The four pads keep the bikepacking backpack comfortably away from your back.

Ortlieb Atrack BP Experience Pads
Ortlieb Atrack BP Experience: The large back padding provides a comfortable carrying feeling

Air can circulate well, which provides a comfortable climate at the back. Of course, the pads, as well as the shoulder straps lie against the body and during sweaty rides you will always sweat more with a backpack, so without a backpack.

Overall the ventilation works really well – even with a loaded pack.

Ortlieb Atrack BP Test Breathable Back Pads
Ortlieb Atrack BP Test: The mesh back padding
Ortlieb Atrack BP pad at the bottom
Ortlieb Atrack BP: Mesh padding at the bottom

Comfort and stability

There are numerous adjustment options for the right fit and comfort:

Ortlieb Atrack BP Adjustment Size
Ortlieb Atrack BP: Adjustment options and size from S to XL with marking

The padded shoulder straps can each be adjusted in length via a load control strap by simply pulling. The shoulder straps are wide and are also made of mesh padding. This makes the backpack comfortable to wear even when fully loaded. On longer rides, the wide shoulder straps don’t cut in. The wearing feeling remains pleasant.

For an additional secure fit, the Ortlieb Atrack BP can be fixed with the chest strap and the hip straps.

Ortlieb Atrack BP carrying strap adjust
Ortlieb Atrack BP: The carrying straps can be adjusted

The back system is also adjustable. More precisely, the back system (large back padding) can be adjusted in height. The carrying system here has markings between and XL. The outdoor backpack can thus also be adapted to different body sizes. Especially practical if you want to carry the backpack of e.g. the smaller friend for a certain distance. The markings make it easier to adjust and reset the backpack.

Ortlieb Atrack BP Test Ortlieb Logo
Ortlieb Atrack BP in test: Ortlieb backpack Logo


According to Ortlieb, the Atrack BP is a fully waterproof bike backpack according to IP67. This corresponds to complete dust-tightness and protection against short-term submersion up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. Important: The waterproof TIZIP zipper must be completely closed. Once the zipper is closed, you have to apply some force again. Then the zipper engages clearly noticeable in its final position – the waterproofness is now guaranteed.

Ortlieb Atrack BP Tizip Zipper Waterproof Bike Backpack
Ortlieb Atrack BP: The TIZIP zipper of the bike backpack is waterproof

Protection from dirt: A nice side effect of wearing the Atrack BP is the protection from dirt: If a lot of dirt is swirled on your back while mountain biking or bikepacking, it simply lands on the Atrack backpack. The zipper is located at the back and thus remains free of dirt. Once you have reached your destination, you can simply rinse the waterproof backpack generously and it will be clean again. Even if you don’t have access to water when camping, for example, the access at the back remains free of dirt.


Inspiziert one the quality of the backpack quite exactly, so I can think of nothing but praise: The backpack exudes quality from top to bottom. Of course, the Atrack BP was also manufactured in Germany (Made in Germany).

PS21R (PU-coated nylon fabric, PVC free) is used. In order to ensure waterproofness, the material was joined together using a high-frequency welding process. In contrast to glued or sewn fabrics, absolute waterproofness can be guaranteed in this way. The composite of different material layers appears to be cast from a single mould.


What extras are already integrated in the Atrack BP? What expansion possibilities are there through available accessories?

The Atrack BP has an integrated helmet holder in the form of a toggle. Such a holder is more than practical and a must if you want to use a bike backpack off the bike e.g. for hiking, shopping or just walking through town: When not in use, the holder is tiny. If it is needed, the rather bulky helmet is safely stowed.

Due to a missing helmet holder I once forgot my old bicycle helmet at the train station in Frankfurt. Until I could organize a spare helmet again, some days passed and I was meanwhile without helmet in the Danish hinterland on the bicycle on the way. Since then: bike backpack always with helmet holder, please 😉

Ortlieb Atrack BP helmet holder
Ortlieb Atrack BP helmet holder

The range of functions of the Atrack backpack can be extended with separately available accessories. I have not yet tested the accessories in practice. Since it seems quite practical in principle, I present the Atrack accessory as well:

Ortlieb Atrack hydration bladder

If you want to upgrade the Atrack BP with a hydration system, then the hydration bladder from the Atrack Hydration System can be found in one of the large inner pockets on the right. There, the hydration bladder is then positioned directly next to the feed-through for the drinking tube. The bikepacking backpack has a waterproof grommet for the drinking tube.

Otlieb Atrack hydration system hydration bladder
Otlieb Atrack hydration system hydration bladder

The drinking tube can be fixed directly to the right carrying strap. If you do not need a hydration bladder, then the passage is closed with a plug provided for this purpose and the waterproofness remains guaranteed.

Ortlieb Atrack waterproof passage for drinking tube
Ortlieb Atrack waterproof passage for drinking tube
Ortlieb Atrack hydration bladder in outdoor backpack
Ortlieb Atrack hydration bladder in outdoor backpack

Atrack Attachment Kit for Gear

With the Attachment Kit for Gear, the intended use of the Outdoor Backpack can be expanded. With these straps and attachments, even large and unwieldy outdoor gear such as trekking poles, skateboard, snowboard, snowshoes, skis or tripod can be attached to the outside of the Atrack BP and Ortlieb Atrack.

Ortlieb Atrack BP Gear Attachment Kit Accessories for attachment
Ortlieb Atrack BP Gear Attachment Kit for mounting accessories
Ortlieb Atrack Outdoor Backpack Accessories Hiking Sticks Attachment
Ortlieb Atrack Outdoor Backpack: Hiking poles and accessories can be attached
Ortlieb Atrack Outdoor Backpack Accessories Skateboard Longboard Attachment
Ortlieb Atrack waterproof outdoor backpack: A longboard attached to the backpack

Experience and summary

Ortlieb Atrack buy – yes or no?

Start Idealo price comparison: Ortlieb Atrack BP*

Buy Ortlieb Atrack BP at ROSE

The Ortlieb Atrack BP combines the strengths of a waterproof outdoor backpack with the overview and space of a travel bag. In addition, it offers some bikepacking specific requirements. The carrying system offers versatile adaptability and the well thought-out ventilation usually ensures a pleasant climate on the back. The volume of 25 liters is ample and is easily enough for almost all the equipment for an Overnighter.

Further plus points are the slim fit and the waterproofness according to IP67. This means that the Ortlieb Atrack BP can also be used in bad weather or for bikerafting. With additional accessories, the application can be extended to far away from the bike.

If you are looking for a bikepacking backpack with a lot of volume and clear accessibility, you can take a closer look at the Ortlieb Atrack BP.

Ortlieb Atrack BP Test Detail on mountain
Ortlieb Atrack BP in the test: The conclusion


Sophisticated concept: Combines the strengths of a waterproof outdoor backpack with the clarity of a travel bag
Fully waterproof bike backpack
✅ Best accessibility via large zipper at the back
✅ Many adjustment options – thus well adaptable to own body
✅ with 25 liters much volume


❌ High price
❌ with 1300 grams right high weight: The range of functions appropriate but not Ultralight
❌ waterproof zipper requires quite a lot of force to pull up and close

What do you think of the Ortlieb Atrack BP? Do you have any questions? Please write me your comment

The Ortlieb Atrack BP fits perfectly in terms of color and function to the Ortlieb Bikepacking bags series.

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