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Bombtrack Bicycle Company is six years young. The heart of the brand are bikes for bikepackers and for the really big adventure! The Bombtrack Beyond 1 is one such bike.

Read about my experience with this bikepacking rig here!

The Beyond is, for good reason, the best known bikepacking bike from the bike manufacturer from Cologne!

It sticks to the tried and true formula of an interestingly equipped steel mountain bike with drop bars. There are plenty of threaded holes on the frame for luggage racks, bags and mudguards. These features make the heart of a bikepacker beat faster.

Bombtrack Beyond Test Cover Bikepacking
The Bombtrack Beyond 1 offers many detals that bikepackers just love!

Bombtrack Beyond 1 at a glance

  • Frame: Columbus Cromor steel frame
  • Fork: 4130 CrMo (mounting of mudguards, lowrider, anything-cages possible)
  • Brakes: mechanical disc brakes TRP Spyre C
  • Gear system: 2×11, SRAM X5 front, SRAM GX 11-36 rear
  • Tires: WTB Nano Race (XS-S 27.5×2.1 in., M-XL 29×2.1 in.
  • Weight: 12,6 KG (M)

Bombtrack Beyond 2019 Test

The bike also promises safe running smoothness on gravel – thanks to the large 29 inch wheels with 2.1 inch width. The handlebar comes with drop bars and a flare. Thus, there are many grip options on the bike and enough space for a handlebar roller.

We are dealing with an absolute adventure cross-country skier who is ready for almost any adventure! Marc Meurer proved this a few years ago with the “A Journey Beyond”: He drove the prototype of the Bombtrack Beyond 1 from Cologne to Istanbul and back! Now that’s what I call an adventure and an extreme Bombtrack Beyond test!

Bombtrack Bicycle Company & Marc Meurer – A JOURNEY BEYOND 1

Later, his bicycle journey with the Bombtrack Beyond 1 continued through Georgia and into Iran.

Intrigued, I watched his web video at the time. His adventure inspired me and my interest in this great bike was piqued!

Bombtrack Beyond Test Experience
Bombtrack Beyond in the field

Bombtrack Beyond 1 Highlights

  • LEARER: BOMBTRACK BEYOND travel bar, 31.8 mm, 22° flare
  • BRAKES: Mechanical disc brakes, TRP “Spyre C”, 180mm / 160mm discs.
  • BRAKE: SRAM “Apex”
  • SHIFT HANDLE: SRAM “APEX” 2×10 with Sram double tap
  • FRONT HUB: BT Bikes “Title-Disc”, 15x100mm thru-axle
  • Rear Hub: BT Bikes “Title-Disc”, 12x142mm thru-axle
  • CURB GUARDS: SRAM 42/28T chainring
  • CASET: SRAM “PG-1020” 10-Speed, 11-36T
  • MAX TIRE SIZE: 29″ x 2.1″
  • WEIGHT: 12.6 KG (M)

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The Bombtrack bike comes in frame sizes XS to XL. Thus, every rider should find a suitable frame size. For colors, Bombtrack offers “Matte Metallic Blue” and “Matte Metallic Green” – both very chic.

The equipment

I chose the color “Matt Metallic Blue”. There was nothing more to consider when buying than the frame colour, because there is exactly this one equipment variant available. I go into detail about my experience with the bike and this equipment option in this article.

The frame

Bombtrack Beyond Test Frame
Bombtrack Beyond – The frame frame in the color Matt Metallic Blue

Using the Bombtrack size chart, it was quickly clear that either the M or L sizes would work for me.

After extensive test drive at my dealer in Stuttgart I decided then for the size L. For me with a height of 1.84 the right choice. I was quite long and several times at my local dealer and made there actually already a small Bombtrack Beyond test 🙂

Bombtrack Beyond Test
The Bombtrack Beyond in the frame colour MATT METALLIC BLUE

The frame itself has three pairs of eyelets for attaching bottle holders. In addition, there is another pair of eyelets on the top tube. For example, a top tube bag such as the Salsa EXP Top Tube Bag* can be bolted on there.

The fork of the Bombtrack Beyond 1 also has four pairs of eyelets. Thus there is also plenty of space on the fork for e.g. cargo cages, LowRider, bottle cages.

Bombtrack Beyond Test Bikepacking Bottle Cage Fork
There are plenty of holes on the fork for bottle cages, cages or lowriders

Bombtrack has also thought of eyelets for mudguards. Likewise to a cable guide for a dynamo cable. Between fork and tire it has unfortunately quite little space. Thus, one is somewhat limited here in the choice of the appropriate fender.

A luggage rack can also be mounted on this bikepacking bike. The necessary eyelets are provided on the frame.

All cables are routed externally on the Bombtrack Beyond 1: The cables for the gears and the brake cables run along the down tube. Overall, the cable routing is very clean and well thought out. For me, a clear plus compared to internally routed cable pulls: A defect can be repaired much easier.

At the down tube there are also more holes: Cages or a bottle cage can also be attached there. Ideal for extra water or transporting the complete camping kitchen.

Bombtrack Beyond Test Down Tube Holes
Bombtrack Beyond down tube holes for bottle cage or a cage. The cable pulls are neatly routed on the outside.

The handlebar

In addition to the modern steel frame, the 2019 Bombtrack Beyond features wide drop bars. This type of handlebar is also called a flare bar and comes in a variety of styles. The Beyond has a particularly wide flare of 22 degrees. This opens up a whole new range of grip options and I think that’s brilliant!

Bombtrack Beyond Test Flare Bar from the front
The wide flare bar from the front

The handlebar is a wide drop bar handlebar with flare. Already after the first ride it was clear: With the Flare handlebars I can keep the bike under control in the terrain far better than a bike with ordinary road bike handlebars.

Bombtrack Beyond Test Flare Bar from behind
The Bombtrack Beyond in the middle of the terrain! The wide flare bar provides noticeably more stability than a road bike handlebar

The many grip options also say a lot to me. If I grip the handlebars nice and wide, then I have the bike well under control in the terrain and can “well baller” i.e. make distance on the flat 😉

The impellers

The wheels can be either 27.5″ or 29″ wheels. The XS and S frame sizes are delivered from the factory with 27.5″ wheels. The larger frames come with the 29″ wheels. The maximum tire width is stated by Bombtrack as 2.1″.

Bombtrack Beyond Test WTB Nano Coat
The coats of the Bombtrack Beyond 1 – WTB Nano with 29 inch and in 2.1 inch width

So my Beyond 2019 frame size has 29″ wheels pre-mounted. I like these very much. I do need more power to get the wheels rolling. When the bike is in motion, I can even ride it faster than my 28″ cyclocross.

Remarkable! Is my Cyclocross but a good 2.5 kg lighter.

The Adventure bike is supplied with the WTB Nano in the Race variant. I’ve been a big WTB Nano fan for a long time. The tires are nimble on the road and bite off-road. What more could you want?

Bombtrack Beyond Test WTB Nano Tires
The tread of the WTB Nano tyres promises grip off-road and a low rolling resistance on asphalt

The coats are mounted on WTB ST i19 rims and as hubs Bombtrack uses an own brand. Both the tires and the rims are Tubelesse-ready. I currently ride with tubing though. I very much welcome the use of thru axles and they add to the increased robustness.

The manufacturer specifies a maximum tire width of 2.1″ for both 27.5″ and 29″. According to some reports on the internet, owners of the Beyond also ride the bike with 2.25″ wide tires. Here the Schwalbe G-One seem to be popular with the other bikers. As I said, I am very enthusiastic about the WTB Nano. So I’m sticking with these as my first set of tires as well.

The circuit

The SRAM Apex with 2×10 gears provides reliable shifting. I was already convinced of the SRAM quality before the purchase. The installed shifters have the brake lever already integrated. In addition, SRAM’s “Double Tap” technology is used: Upshifting is done by briefly tapping the shift lever. When the shifter is fully depressed, the SRAM Apex shifts down up to three gears. Depending on how far the lever was pushed through.

Bombtrack Beyond Test SRAM Apex gears
SRAM Apex derailleur – It is the smallest road bike derailleur from SRAM. I still like it very much.

I like the concept very much and after a very short time I already got along with it during the test drive.
My other bikes use different shifting concepts and I can easily switch between bikes without much of an adjustment.

In front works a SRAM chainring with 42 / 28 teeth. At the rear a SRAM “PG-1020” cassette with 11-36 teeth is used. My opinion after now 2000 kilometers with the bike: When sporty driving I miss no gears. So I can get up steep ramps as well as long climbs just fine.

However, since I will be riding the Tuscany Trail with bikepacking gear, I am already considering upgrading to a larger 11-40 tooth cassette. So at Tuscany Trail we have the ultimate Bombtrack Beyond 1 test.

Bombtrack Beyond Test SRAM Gear
Bombtrack Beyond in test – The cassette comes with 11 – 36 teeth

The Apex is SRAM’s 10-speed road entry-level shifting system. So naturally I asked myself how good the shifting performance is here. Of course, the Apex doesn’t work as easily and elegantly as higher-end groupsets. For example, like the higher-end Apex 1 or the SRAM Rival. However, after a few months with the gears on the bike, I am very happy with the Apex:

Even under load, the Apex switches absolutely fast and reliable. Only in the precision I’m used to better from other circuits but overall, the circuit is absolutely suitable even for demanding drivers.

Interim conclusion: The equipment of the Bombtrack Beyond 1 is well coordinated. The wheel has convinced me to here.
If you don’t like the equipment on offer, you can of course buy a frameset* and build your own individual bike.

The brakes

Such a fast bike also wants to be braked safely. Therefore, disc brakes are installed from the factory. A 180mm disc is used at the front and a 160mm disc at the rear for reliable braking.

On the Bombtrack mechanical TRP “Spyre C” are installed. Braking is on both sides. Thus, the braking performance is absolutely sufficient and I was satisfied from the beginning with the brakes.

Bombtrack Beyond Test mechanical rear disc brakes
Mechanical disc brakes are used – TRP “Spyre C” with 180mm front and 160mm rear.

When discussing mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes, the argument is often used that the braking power of mechanical brakes is not sufficient. Compared to the hydraulic variant, braking must of course be carried out with a little more force.

As already mentioned, the braking power is absolutely sufficient for this in any case.

A big advantage of the installed brakes is of course the easy maintainability: Repairs and brake adjustments can be made with mechanical disc brakes even off the beaten track in the bush.

The brake handles are also pleasantly used. Anyone who has been on the road with a drop bar before will immediately get the hang of it here.

In my frame bag (Currently I use the Ortlieb Frame-Pack Toptube frame bag) I also always have a set of spare parts with me: 1x brake cable shift cable and 1x brake pads. For short trips certainly not always necessary but I like to have the complete repair kit always handy 😉

Saddle and seat post

The saddle, as well as the seatpost are branded by Bombtrack itself. So the Beech seatpost and the in-house Origin saddle are used.

Bombtrack Beyond Test Saddle
The saddle is a private brand and it offers pleasant comfort while riding. I like it very much so far

Both components make on me, even after many km driven in the meantime, a high-quality impression. Even if it goes off-road or a loaded saddlebag is appropriate: Here nothing bends or twists.

The Bombtrack Origin saddle looks very smart. With its sporty shape it goes in the direction of MTB saddle. For my taste, he offers just the right hardness and after the first tours I find him Prima and will also leave him on the wheel.

I am very satisfied with the complete bike so far and am looking forward to the first long tours and the Tuscany Trail in a few weeks.

Bombtrack Beyond 1 in video test report

In this video you will learn all the technical details of the Bombtrack Beyond 1.

Last Words – Bombtrack Beyond 1 Experiences

The Beyond 1 is a dream bikepacking bike! I am very happy with the purchase and look forward every time the bike comes back to use. Right from the start, I was wowed by the modern and uncluttered look of the bike. The many bikepacking-specific extras are also ingenious and seem very well thought out:

Due to the really low weight and the large 29 inch wheels the bike is very fast on asphalt and at the same time agile off-road.

The Flare Bar underlines the sporty character of the bike and provides several advantages: A lot of grip options and safe handling off-road. At the same time there is extra space for the caster.

The look as well as the maintainability also convinces me: The cables are very clean and easily accessible routed outside. The mechanical disc brakes have good stopping power and should be easy to maintain off-road.

An absolute highlight are of course the threaded eyelets in all conceivable places: On the top tube, on the down tube as well as on the fork, additional small and large bags can be attached.

As you can tell, I’m excited about this bike and look forward to my upcoming cycling adventures on it.

What is your opinion about the Bombtrack Beyond 1 and this Bombtrack Beyond review? Do you have any questions about this bikepacking bike?

Then feel free to write me below in the comments.


  • Agile bikepacking bike: Fast on asphalt and safe on forest trails.
  • Versatile frame: Eyelets and holes in every conceivable place.
  • Trendy look
  • shifting with good deployment for bikepacking tours in mixed terrain.
  • Lightweight overall for a bike with steel frame


  • Right expensive for a bike with rigid fork
  • Little space for mudguards on the front wheel
  • Limited availability: Bombtrack is a comparatively small company and the wheels are not available at every dealer.

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